I am simply a wife

Taken by Rhiannon Leighton, In Chicago 9/18/21

A letter from Daughter to Family

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This is a Editorial, Not a Spoiler.

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My identity is not in the hands of others, not to invalidate and not to validate. How someone feels about my identity as a woman means nothing to me and it shouldn’t mean anything

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There is a term that has been going around catching steam, this term is made to describe the feelings of heterosexual women whose partners transitioned. This term is described as a woman who feels that their “male” partner has died and is not the “man” that she married. This term has been named, Trans Widow. Yes, you read this correctly.

Our Deaths and How we are only footnotes in them

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Our pride is not for the CisHet ran and backed companies to make money off of, Our pride is for us and it is up to us to take it back.

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The bodies pile up and the hate does not go away, I see that this fight is ours and is one that we will win

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If we are ever going to get any sort of change, it is important to know that we do not need to die in order for an injustice to be acknowledged

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My dating experience wasn’t (and isn’t) what it should be. Maybe that’s why love doesn’t seem to exist in my world.

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Takoda Leighton-Patterson

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